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Thermal insulation systems are made of those simple and complex materials and operations that allow reducing the transfer of heat between two environments at different temperatures. The partial or total thermal insulation that is produced, allows realizing energy savings in the process of indoor heating and cooling. In the building industry,  insulation systems are therefore one of the ways to contribute to the global energy saving, not only to preserve existing energy sources on our planet, but also to safeguard human health, thanks to reduced emissions of CO2 and other combustion products coming from house heating. What is the real impact of these combustion products on the climate change cannot be exactly quantified; however, widespread scientific evaluations suggest that the impact of global warming on the climate is certainly significant, although in an extensive period of time.
Given the global nature of the problem, international regulations have greatly anticipated the individual national ones that have been gradually put in place reflecting to a large extent the existing international standards.
Today, the national standards are nothing more than the transposition of the European ones with some adaptation to different local climates. Thermal insulation works in buildings are regulated by the provisions of the European Union that designers and applicators must follow. It is therefore necessary to get full information about such requirements both as consumers or designers and manufacturers of insulating systems.
Docchem decided to build a product technical file that includes a summary of the existing regulations in order to make clear what are the responsibilities of each individual provider of products and services in the construction industry chain. To the supplier of insulating paints does not compete to establish the energy class obtainable from the application of its product, but to offer a complete set of chemical and physical data that allow the technician and the designer to evaluate the positive impact of using Thermorasante on the final result. This is not due just to the different professional skills, but as well to the different provisions of law for the various climatic zones. On one hand the producer can take advantage of the existence of the European guidelines in order to develop a product that can be marketed internationally, on the other hand he cannot take action in the technical calculation, but only in developing the properties of its product.Abstract, December 2015



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"New compound for advanced photoprotection" - abstract

8th International Congress of International Society of Cosmetic Dermatology (ISCD) - Beijing (China), 2007

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"New formulation of paint aimed to improve reflection of infrared radiation for energy efficiency of building"

European Conference on Smart & Functional Coatings - Torino (Italy), September 2013

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Management of chemicals - Geothermal energy application in the greenbuilding field.

GREEN Master, Università di Genova

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"Packaging: Marketing trends from cosmetics to food"

International Packaging Symposium - Bari, 2007

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"Pigments: innovating with color"

Italia Imballaggio, Storie Converting, 2005