About Izar

Izar offers to the business world the suitable support and the most effective tools to introduce innovation and generate profit, business development and long term growth.

We are convinced that innovation is for everyone and that's why we build and deliver targeted, customized action plans. A well-established and extensive business experience in different industries and complex market environments, now allows us to provide highly specialized services to support growth in different areas.
The goal of Izar is to increase the number of companies that base their growth and profitability on excellence in a specific segment and develop their governance model and capacity to maintain their leadership. That’s why we present our services to those clients who really believe in excellence as the true engine of a sound development.




Our brand 


A double supernova, highly and constantly active in a twin system where one entity is essential to the other one, Izar moves restlessly in the entrepreneurial universe in a continuous symbiotic exchange with its customers, offering them a possible and achievable space of innovation with a variety of solutions developed exclusively for them, which will be implemented together up to the goal.

Izar’s energy can be tuned according to targets and goals that are set. Its name is a bridge ideally connecting East and West, embracing in its search of excellence all enterprises that aim at a dynamic and stable growth, are willing to undertake an endless journey toward innovation without losing their historical values and are ready to trust an excellence-oriented partner.

Our brand, registered internationally, guarantees maximum expertise and global operations in the areas of Chemicals and Life Science. In specialty chemicals we can drive and support our customers in generating technological, commercial and organizational innovation, all the way from raw materials to end products.


Your Partners

Izar’s founder and managing partner, Maria Cristina Pasi, operates directly as a project leader and coordinates a team of external specialists who partner up with Izar in the context of an international network.

A doctor in Chemistry from the University of Pavia, Italy, Maria Cristina Pasi holds a Master of Science in Organic Photochemistry from the University of Kent, Canterbury, England, a Master in Innovation Management from the Business School of Il-Sole-24ORE, Milano, Italy, and a Diploma in International and Financial Management for Business from the Business School of Merck, Darmstadt, Germany, as well as a number of specialist certificates in specific industry sectors.

With more than twenty years of international experience in the chemical industry, she is highly skilled in designing and implementing development strategies in sectors with high-tech content, such as Specialty Chemicals and Life Science Chemicals.
Multiple assignments in Sales and Marketing, Divisional Management and General Management, gave her a chance to build up valuable hands-on skills in co- branding, co-development, M&A, cross-fertilization and technology transfer.

Her deep knowledge of product development brought her from initial laboratory jobs to Project Management and Product Development assignments, as well as management positions in R&D and in Innovation Technology.

She has held important institutional roles as a member of the UNI Commission of Colorimetry and the Eco-sustainability task force in CEPE.
As an active member of several European projects within the Horizon 2020 program, she cooperates with the European Commission on IPR matters and is part of a group of independent specialists of the European Union.

She was among the founders of the Procoat Consortium of the Politecnico di Torino and presently is still involved in training programs, in both academic and corporate courses.