Sustainable Business

Izar is SMART

Everything that we conceive and realize is in line with the globally recognized eco-sustainability guidelines for the preservation of the natural and social environment in which we all live, to protect the rights of future generations.To fulfil this commitment, we act in compliance with current na-tional and international rules.

To achieve the goal of maximum sustainability, it is fundamental not only to minimize the energy consumption in all our processes, but to maximize as well the rate of energy that can be recovered during the life cycle. This, as a general rule, is valid for both the products we make and the organizations in which we all live and act. Sustainable is indeed not only the product, but also the process and the organization producing it.

Acting in a sustainable way is a development strategy common to all market segments that allows to overcome the current fragmentation of the chain of work and to redesign it by substituting the “social satisfaction” to the “customer satisfaction” and tailor-made solutions to globalization, which are concepts of great importance in both Life Science and Speciality Chemicals industry.

For all these reasons, Izar has adopted the 3R working model

  1. Reduction of the process complexity
  2. Recycling of raw materials
  3. Recovery of 100% of the product

implemented by innovative technologies and new organization models. 

We believe that Eco-sustainability is at the same time an instrument to destroy the mechanisms of the 20th century economy and the foundation of a new economic model aimed to satisfy the needs of a global society in a constant balance between natural and social environment, between present and future time.

The two principles of sustainability are in fact:

- The speed of consumption of the planet’s resources must be less than or equal to the speed of their regeneration

- The rate of waste production must be smaller than or equal to the capacity of absorption of the natural eco-systems in which they are placed.