Innovation Zone




Our core areas are Specialty Chemicals and Life Science Industry, including their downstream applications. We accompany our clients through technical advances by providing specific support either to exogenous or endogenous high-tech development projects. In addition, we assist our customers in strengthening their growth by insertion of implementing and disruptive innovation in their product portfolio. Our interdisciplinary expertise and global cooperation with industry and academy enable us to offer great development opportunities to our customers by creating fruitful upstream and downstream synergies. Our support goes from the initial generation of the concept of a product to its industrial scale- up.

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Business Segments


Our experience enables us to understand and properly satisfy the needs of Life Science and Specialty Chemicals business segments, including their downstream sectors. 
From strategic marketing to sales development, we supply the best tools to create a cross-bridge between technological performance and market’s needs (indoor support),  between product per-formance and customized solutions (indoor-outdoor support), between innovative companies and their industrial and financial partners, in order to facilitate technology transfer and commercial exploitation. 



Organization & Human Resources  


Inserting innovation in a company is not just a matter of products and processes. It involves and deeply affects the company organization and culture as well.
Choosing an external partner to take this journey, it helps the organization to better understand and assimilate the changes.
Izar assists the top management in setting up and implementing a proper master plan involving all the departments and aimed to guide all the employees through the change, without any Tsunami effect and in respect of the company’s social sustainability policies.