Area : Technology

High-tech insertion projects, via implementing and disruptive innovation within existent clusters  

Expansion and optimisation of the technology portfolio with new exogenous technologies 

Set up of technology files and surveys in relation to spin-offs, joint ventures, start-ups and strategic incubator projects

Product development

Specific support to cluster managers in building Special Interest Groups in connection with co-development and internationalization processes of SMEs

Support in Intellectual Property protection, specific  advice and training in IPR models and technology plans for cross fertilization in exogenous sectors

Mentoring in getting access to European Research Infrastructures or to technical consortium's joint facilities in Europe and worldwide

Highly specialized support to set up techno-driven industrial and academic consortium to get access to public and private funds for innovation projects, at domestic, european, global level

Tutoring in applied colorimetry and color-matching-based manufacturing systems

Project management 

Area : Business

Economic assessments and action plans for established and/or innovative market segments


Development of business innovation hypothesis -disruptive or implementing- from simulation of P&L statements to active support


Geo-diversified development strategies per market segment, distribution channel, technology


Price management and Customer Relationship Management


B2B and B2C development projects for forefront products


Active support in managing spin-offs, joint-ventures and integration processes, with a special focus on strategic start-ups and incubators in core areas


Management of and/or tutoring in cross fertilization projects

Co-branding projects

Mentoring SMEs in their international growth process through partnerships and joint international development projects.

Market surveys  

Area : Organization

Development of organization models in line with the defined Innovation strategy 

Development of incentive schemes and set up of KPII (Key Performance Innovation Indicators)

Management skills’ development programmes for high-tech oriented SMEs  

Support in setting up and managing cross-departmental project teams

Introduction to an intercultural approach for SMEs facing an internationalization process and/or transnational projects